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our story 


Welcome to Dunfee Fine Art, where we believe that true happiness involves an awakening from within; challenging the status quo, exploring your passions, striving towards the best version of yourself, helping others, and ultimately spreading positivity throughout the world. 

We create mixed media art to inspire people to see the beauty within nature, various cultures, our challenges, and our victories. Each piece tells a unique story, invokes feelings, and helps us remember the most meaningful aspects of life- nature, connectedness, and love. 


We care about what matters most in this world and try our best to lead our lives with love, selflessness, and integrity. We seek a path of continual growth, awareness, and wisdom. We hope that our artwork is thought provoking and raises awareness to certain societal aspects, such as wildlife conservation, personal growth, and whole health with mind, body, and spirit. In this way, we hope that through our artwork, we can help those around us on their journey in this beautiful thing called life.

Artist: Justin Dunfee

My name is Justin Dunfee and I am an artist, a musician, husband, and father to three amazing children. I began my art journey as a child, sketching whenever possible. As I grew older, I developed a passion for design, engineering, woodworking, and metal working. 

Artist: Brittany Dunfee

Hello! My name is Brittany Dunfee and I am an engineering technology teacher, TSA Advisor, and designer. My passion for art began as a child in the realm of sketching, sculpting, and digital artwork. Today, most of my energy is devoted to teaching, raising my three amazing children, and designing for Dunfee Fine Art. 

Better Together

Shortly after we met, we knew whole heartedly that we wanted to ride this crazy adventure called life- together. Both being creatives, we were heavily into DIY and artistic/engineering projects. We began to receive requests from friends, family, neighbors, and community members. We realized that between our creativity, combined skills, and passions, we could really make something meaningful and unique. We are very passionate about the philosophical aspects of life and this passion runs deep through our artwork. 

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